DCM URBAN DESIGN LIMITED is a boutique design firm specialising in urban development, planning and landscape architecture projects.  We approach each project as a unique opportunity, working closely with our clients to visualise or solve complex design issues.  We work at all scales, from providing expert advice or assessment work for planning consents and district plans through to designing street furniture.


Dave compton-Moen 

David Compton-Moen is an Urban Designer / Landscape Architect with 20 years experience working on urban development, planning and transportation projects here in New Zealand and in Hong Kong. He is enthusiastic about walkable, healthy and vibrant cities with a little bit of chaos thrown into the mix. 

David is passionate about working with clients and community groups, to deliver complex design solutions using sketching and graphics to help visualise a project, whether it is a transport project, urban development, park design or residential design.

Dave is a full member of the New Zealand Planning Institute, Registered NZILA Landscape Architect and member of the New Zealand Urban Design Forum. You can contact him on or +64 21 1140377.



becky darragh

Becky Darragh joined the dcm team as a Landscape Architect in 2017. Previously she gained experience working in both NZ and Australia on a variety of projects from large scale master planning through to detailed commercial, residential and open space projects.

 Becky is passionate about working with clients to create innovative and meaningful landscapes and enjoys taking a project from the initial concept design phase through to detailed design and construction. She is particularly interested in planting design and enjoys spending time in her own garden. 

Becky is a graduate member of the New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects. You can contact her on or +64 22303 1213.



Hannah Dow has recently completed a Bachelor in Landscape Architecture. Hannah is a strong designer and skilled artist. She has a passion for designing innovative, sociable and exciting spaces within our urban environments as well as encouraging and designing new ways of incorporating blue-green infrastructure into our cities.

Hannah enjoys working with clients to come up with design solutions that best suit them and their project. She is able to produce graphically effective hand drawn sketches or computer generated design outcomes to suit the project, including the use of Photoshop, Sketchup and Indesign.

Hannah is a member of the New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects. You can contact her on or +64 27 266 5369.



Tom Morrison is a graduate Bachelor of Planning and has recently completed a Bachelor degree in Landscape Architecture.  

Tom has an interest in urban issues and a keen eye for understanding urban spaces. He has a strong drive to create socially active and environmentally responsible spaces within both an urban and rural framework with innovative and creative solutions that challenge the status quo.

Tom is our office go-to IT technician. He is very capable with a suite of computer generated design programmes, to help put together a bespoke design solution for clients.

Tom is a member of both the New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects and the New Zealand Planning Institute.  You can contact him on or +64 21 213 2996.



Jasper is our Chief Barkitect and Park Enthusiast.  He is enthusiastic about walkable, green outdoor spaces and would turn the whole city into a green space if he could.